Ton van der Krabben

Ton van der Krabben holds a MBA degree from the Maastricht School of Management (MSM 1992) - focus on the interdependence between management and industrialization topics with special attention for industrializing economies – and a BBA degree on Law and Economics (Groningen, Netherlands 1976). Ton van der Krabben worked the first 10 years of his career mainly on LT contracts in West and Central Africa as Cooperative Development Officer for SNV and the ILO but also in HRM in the Netherlands. Since 1987 he works as freelance Consultant/Trainer in the fields of Entrepreneurship Development, including Curriculum Development (besides SME training manuals also entrepreneurship modules for Vocational Schools and Universities), Trainer of Trainers, etc. He is a licensed International CEFE Chief Adviser as well as a CEFE ToT Master Trainer.

Since 2005 he is working closely together with HPC ( in the field of Value Chain Development (training and evaluations).

Besides training and general consultancy in the above mentioned fields he was involved in the evaluations of SME, NGO and/or VCD programs as a team leader for many different organizations such as IFC, GIZ, SDC, Helvetas, ICCO (Dutch NGO) and numerous Consulting firms. He also is an experienced moderator of vision and planning workshops. He speaks fluently English and French besides his mother tongue Dutch (and reasonable German). He worked a lot in sub-Saharan Africa but also extensively in Northern Africa, especially in Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria) and parts of Asia (Sri Lanka and Myanmar mainly).

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