Karsten Weitzenegger

Karsten Weitzenegger

Karsten Weitzenegger is a political scientist with a post-graduate specialization in development cooperation at the German Development Institute (GDI). He has more than 20 years of professional experience in international co-operation.

After working as a program manager with the United Nations Development Programme in Africa, he turned to management consulting with large consulting companies specializing in both economic and political reforms as well as capacity development. As a consultant and trainer, Karsten assisted clients in complex change projects for sustainable development. He worked for banks, NGOs, the European Commission and bilateral donor agencies. As a leading expert on developing participatory organisational changes in the field of social and economic policy his experience includes more than 20 field evaluations that focused on impact assessments and recommendations for increased effectiveness and sustainability.

Strong professional experience in evaluation (including methods and techniques), with particular reference to EU-funded projects/programmes, and familiarity with the methodological approach set by the European Commission. Technical methodological expertise related to collecting, recording, and analysing qualitative and quantitative data. He conducted more than 20 programme/project evaluations in recent years.

Specialist for social and economic development, including

  • Job creation, labour market and employment policies and instruments (Productivity, regulation, privatisation, employment creation, entrepreneurship, employability, wages, sector agreements, labour mobility and migration, informal sector, child labour);
  • Social dialogue (industrial relations; Structure and organisation of labour unions; labour-union participation; employers’ organisations; small business associations, collective agreements);
  • Social Inclusion and Protection (Poverty impact analysis and monitoring, poverty mapping, poverty and Social impact analysis, social cohesion, Social policy institutions, grants and subsidies, cash transfers, vulnerable and marginal groups);
  • Education (skills development, adult education, higher education, scholarships, youth exchange, VET reform and management, institutional capacity assessment and building, labour market and private sector links)

Use of information and knowledge economy (information society, knowledge management, dissemination, innovation, competitiveness, open source programming, software solutions, social networks, databases).

Karsten Weitzenegger proved himself as a versatile program manager and team leader, experienced in using established economic development and project-cycle methodologies with a focus on stakeholder participation and transparent knowledge management. His hands-on experience in managing overall resources and building information systems, combined with strategic planning and organisational development skills and an understanding of macro-economic policy frameworks make Karsten Weitzenegger a strong candidate for key assignments designed to linking policy with tangible results.

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