Value Chains

Private Sector Development (PSD) is increasingly acknowledged by governments, donors and development organisations as an important step to alleviate poverty and create healthy economies. Value Chain Development (VCD) is a participatory process that leads to comprehensive and coordinated interventions for pro-poor economic growth. Value chain approaches are particularly seen as a way to include the rural and farming-based sections of the populations to better functioning markets. Besides agro-based value chains also service value chains, such as tourism or ICT, or industrial value chain projects are increasingly considered.

SEEDwork and its experts are conversant with the value chain development approach ( ValueLinks amongst others) from analysis, strategy development, implementation and M&E. Wherever necessary, particular emphasis is laid on the linkage to organisational-, product- and/or capacity development. We have successfully supported agricultural and non-agro based value chains in the Middle East, Asia and Africa. Strong value addition, resilient market and business linkages, holistic sectoral development and fair benefit sharing are our main drivers. Apart from consultancy services we also provide custom-made training in VCD to capacitate staff from a wide range of organisations involved in PSD.