Institutional business environment

If we like it or not, institutions (government as well as non-government) in the economic set-up of any country play a spearheading role in economic development! More often than not, they are encrusted, passive and externally driven by weak governments and non-enforced laws. In order to turn them into proactive, thriving and learning organisations a number of small and concise inputs are required. Pro-active Business Membership Organisations (BMOs) are more inclined to assist shaping the environment into win-win situations for enterprises, clients and the national economy as a whole.
The active participation of the staff and the members of especially BMOs (business associations, chambers, cooperatives, community-based organisations, NGOs, etc.) can be achieved through learner-centred and participative methods focussing on the appreciation of all concerned people’s opinions and recommendations. We provide tailor-made solutions for economic membership organisations through training, coaching, counselling, participative planning sessions, institutional analysis and many more tools of which many are anchored in learning by doing such as our SOLID concept (Strategy of Organisational Learning In Development).