Green and decent jobs

While it is certain that environmental degradation and climate change will increasingly require enterprises, labour markets and (inter)national economies to react and adjust, the goal of environmentally sustainable economies will not be attained without the active contribution of technical assistance. The environment and socio-economic development must no longer be treated as separate pillars of sustainable development, but as closely interrelated dimensions. Such an integrated approach turns the drive towards environmental sustainability into a significant avenue for development, with more and better jobs, social inclusion and poverty reduction. It is evident that a decisive turn away from the business as usual policy scenario of “grow first and clean up later” is urgently needed.

In this undivided understanding of green and decent job development AGEG experts put highest emphasis on its consideration in technical assistance. This is practically done through a particular focus on green value chains, adaptation to climate change necessities (job potential!), cluster support to existing green enterprises (including MSME development) and a general consciousness raising of local populations regarding the interdependence of ecological conditions and long-term income security.