Process Consultant

Sandra Holzherr

Sandra Holzherr’s expertise includes planning, conceptualizing and implementing programs and projects for organizational and human resource development, both in the private and public sector.
As founding member of the work group Communal Development Policy in Baden-Württemberg and with her commitment to implement administrative structures and processes for sustainability in local governments, she links global and local activities and brings together business and public administration on both the strategic and operational level.

Carsten R. Vonnoh

Carsten Vonnoh is a political scientist with a post-graduate specialization in organizational development and conflict consultation. He has 7 years of professional experience in international cooperation with long-term stations in Asia and Latin America.

He provides consulting based on solid theoretical expertise and diverse experience in Asia and Europe. From a social scientist perspective he help to include crucial perspectives and cross-cutting issues for projects in infrastructure, environment and development.